The Bushware Cafe, a boutique cafe in Cabbage Tree Creek , Victoria, Australia. A gem on the Prince’s Highway

Cabbage Tree Creek is a tiny place on the Prince’s highway between Bemm River and the town of Orbost. When you drive along the Prince’s Highway you could blink and miss Cabbage Tree Creek as there aren’t any houses directly visible from the highway. At first sight it seems unlikely that a cafe would exist in this seemingly deserted place, but it does and it provides the heart of the local community and a welcome stopping point for those travelling along the Prince’s Highway.

I had heard of it after speaking with my aunt who like many Cabbage Tree Creek residents seems to have part-time residency in the cafe.  Having visited the Bushware Cafe I can understand why it is so popular with the locals and travellers alike.  There is always a warm welcome from the owners, Pete, Jo and Milo the cat (he’s really in charge). The atmosphere is really fantastic and the food isn’t bad either!  In actuality, the food is really great, the coffee superb and the conversation will usually make you smile.

You know the old adage, go where the locals go, well they do and frequently.  This is really whatever you want it to be.  For the traveller who needs a quick bite to eat on the road they have plenty to offer and for those wanting a longer break from travelling there is a good and varied menu, all cooked to order.  There is a nice garden and a terrace to sit on in the summer and a gorgeous bijou lounge with sumptuous couches for the winter or for whenever takes your fancy.


Pete and Jo ensure the very best of welcomes.  I may be biased but they really are great folks.


They are famous for their fantastic home-made sausage rolls and they are plenty of naughty but nice things for those with a sweet tooth.


The blackboards list the meals from light bites to more substantial meals.  There is even Bratwurst on the menu and the salads are really good, prepare to be converted salad dodgers.


What a delightfuly cosy lounge, you might even get a visit here from Milo the cat.


Here is Milo with local cat whisperer, Bill Killick. This is a real bromance.


Jo and Pete stock a range of local made food items and crafts from local artisans.



You can checkout their website here:

Bushware Cafe

+61 3 5158 1224
Opening Times 09:00 – 17:00
Average Price For 2: $15 ~ $35


The Moosbach Gardener goes down under

I’m on my way to Australia for the whole of February and I couldn’t be more pleased. Why am I pleased? Well, for starters we’ve had snow at home for 4 weeks and I’m fed up with it but more importantly I get to see my cousin Chris and my lovely Aunt Trin.

Long overdue visit

I forget but it has been at least 15 years since I saw my aunt which is a shame because not only if she a wonderfully kind human being but she is also very funny.

First leg of the journey is over

I flew from Frankfurt to Incheon in South Korea which was a very pleasant experience and as I write this I am having a 6 hour break in the airport lounge. This is a wonderful airport and it is clear to see that great effort has been put into its design.

So, what is so good about Incheon airport?

The airport is massive, not only in length but in height and breadth as well. It is full of natural light. Like most airports it has huge windows overlooking the airport as you would expect but it also has very high ceilings and the ceiling of the atriums are made of glass allowing more natural light in. They grow real plants and trees and it transforms the airport experience, what a nice change from plastic, metal and artificial light. They also have huge pots full of flowering orchids along the main walkways. It really adds a touch of class and all of these plants and trees, that’s got to be good for air quality right?

Can you name the first plant? I’m signing off now but you can expect more from me once I’m in Australia and have visited some gardens.