5 thoughts on “Pictures of a garden in development

  1. Wunderschöne Blumenbilder. Mein Englisch reicht leider nicht für den vielen Text. Ich möchte deinen Garten nächsten Sommer unbedingt sehen.

  2. So beautiful, your garden in summer 😍. I planed a several times to visit you, but still haven‘t done. Friends of mine, Matthias and Spyros already did and enjoyed it. Kind regards, Petra

    • Hallo Petra
      thank you for your kind comments, the garden is covered in snow at the moment but I look forward to the Spring. In January I will be sowing Delphinium seeds, sweet pea seeds and in February 90 David Austin Roses are arriving. I plan to start selling plants next year, at the moment we just have roses for sale. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hopefully we will see you next summer,

      • Hello Andrew, Delphinium are one of my favorite flowers, but roses are the no 1 in my ranking 🌹One more reason to visit you! My „garden in developmet“ is still in a „Dornröschenschlaf“ We moved to a new home in september and the garden ist not worth to call it a garden yet.
        Is your guesthouse opened at sylvester, too? We are looking for a nice place to stay one night.

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